Choosing your wedding band

Funky Buddha

So, you’ve spent endless hours in planning your wedding and the big day is here at long last. It’s a day you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives. You’ve had a beautiful ceremony and spent time with your family and friends who are sharing your special day.

It then comes to your evening entertainment – and no wedding would be complete without some fantastic music to get the evening celebrations going and to keep the party going long into the night!

But how do you pick a band for your wedding? We turned to our friends Funky Buddha, a Brighton-based wedding party and corporate event band to get a few pointers…

What kind of music do you want?

Decide on the style you want and pick a band that specialises in that area. We sometimes receive enquiries from clients looking for a different style of music all together. It may seem obvious but have a good look through the bands set list to get an idea of the music they play and it this fits your vision. If there are song you are not so keen on you may want to ask them to be replaced. It’s worth talking to the band when considering songs as they will know what goes down well with wedding audiences. We often get asked to remove James Brown’s Sex Machine and we imagine people are sometimes put off by the title, yet this song always goes down well at gigs!

See the band live

It’s vital to see the band live prior to booking them or parting with any money. You wouldn’t book a venue without visiting it or book a photographer without seeing examples of their work. Bands often have promotional videos and audio samples but watching a band live is the best way to get a feel for who they are and what they do. Cover bands always sound much better live in person. If the band has good promotional material, expect to be wowed when you see them live!

Use an agency

There are many great entertainment agencies in the UK. An agent will talk to you and find out what you are after and make suggestions bases on acts they know and think you may like. With many bands on their rosters, they will have a wide range of bands to offer.

Think about your guests

There are usually a lot of people from different age groups at weddings. You want everyone on the dance floor so it’s worth considering whether a band’s repertoire that will appeal to all ages.

Does the band provide other options?

Some bands provide additional music options such as jazz sets for drinks reception or solo piano for ceremonies. Find out if the band can provide these, as it may be a great way to get more value for you money. If the musicians are already onsite for an evening performance, the cost of these additional options may be reduced when compared to hiring additional entertainment.

Great tips. Particularly that last one – weddings are expensive things, so it’s important to get value for the money you’re spending wherever you can.

Of course, if you’re looking for a band in the south of England, check out Funky Buddha. They’ve played thousands of wedding, parties and corporate gigs throughout the UK and beyond. They’re passionate musicians with outstanding vocalists and an endless repertoire of modern and classic hits – expect clever arrangements and unexpected twists that will keep you and your guests dancing all night! For more information contact Christopher Britt at