We wish you a merry Christmas wedding!

Are you organising and planning your very own winter wedding for 2017 or 2018? Now is the time to plan and purchase and to be as proactive as possible. Whilst your wedding may be a year or two away, strike whilst the iron is hot and use the sales to make the most of your budget and grab some bargains. All too often we hear of couples who are left hunting around for Christmas crackers during the hot summer months only to find that it’s extremely difficult – and expensive! – to source them. The Christmas sales often mean you can save up to 75% off the original RRP.

Winter weddings are becoming more popular, especially in the weeks before and after Christmas. Venues and suppliers are often more expensive in these few weeks. Although the festive season is incredibly beautiful and colourful, be aware of how much you will include in your day. For instance – do you want a Christmas tree in all of your photographs, are you happy to display this all year round? Continue reading

Planning your wedding budget

Fifty pound notes

At this time of year, we’re all thinking about Christmas. And just as you’d never go out shopping for presents without setting a budget, planning what you’re going to spend is one of the most important steps in planning a wedding.

Many couples find this a daunting discussion (or just plain boring!), but it’s so important to sort a financial plan in the early days of the preparation to make sure you know your budget and that things don’t escalate out of control!

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