Wedding planner timeline

Wedding guests

To start planning your wedding you need to have an idea of the budget you intend to spend. Think about including a saving plan if you need to start putting money aside too. You can then begin to look to set an approximate date for your wedding, be mindful that this will be depend on the availability of your chosen venue. Once your date is confirmed by your venue – the fun begins!

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Real weddings… part 1

Wine glasses on top table

After six months of married bliss and having gone through the photos and video of our big day countless times, we started thinking… Would we have done anything differently?

When planning our wedding we were meticulous in planning every detail. Now we’ve looked back on everything, we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t have changed a thing. Everything told our guests about us and revealed our love for the finer details. Our wedding guests loved the unique touches and were very surprised with what we’d planned! One thing that we perhaps should have considered was having somebody on hand to cue music and timings of those walking down the aisle. Whilst our venue staff were fantastic, they weren’t quite as ‘on the ball’ as we would have liked!

We recently asked family, friends and our followers on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram whether, looking back, they’d have changed about their weddings.

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