Top wedding spending tips

Wedding guests showering kissing bride and groom in confetti

With the cost of an average wedding coming in at over £12,000, many couples look to find ways to make their money go further when planning their wedding. There are many ways in which you can do this. We’ve pulled together a few tips on how you can cut costs and be clever with your cash. If you’ve got any tips of your own, let us know on Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to share them.


Have a go at doing it yourself! Seek inspiration in places such as Pinterest and Etsy. There are many options and styles you can follow. If you’re getting creative and doing it yourself, plan in plenty of time to seek out ideas and to get making things. Getting creative will give your wedding a personal touch, showing your guests exactly who you are as a couple and at a fraction of the cost!

Go out of season

Weddings that take place ‘out of season’ can give savings of more than 50% from a wedding during the summer months. You’ll find that weddings taking place from October – March are normally significantly cheaper. Plus – a winter wedding will look amazing!

Prioritise that budget

Once you have your budget confirmed, consider that you want this to be a day you will both remember forever. We’d encourage you to consider spending more on a hiring a good photographer and save money on elaborate details such as wedding favours or light up letters. Consider what you would prefer to be remembered the most in ten years time and then if you have spare budget later on, you can then hire or buy any extras you fancy.

Buy local

Suppliers often charge travelling expenses if they have to travel a long way to your wedding. Look locally to not only be kinder to the environment but to also save money for something else in your wedding. Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices with your suppliers too.

Clever catering

Many couples opt to have a formal sit down meal but choosing a buffet or even a hog roast will often work out much cheaper. Be sure to shop around and to get many quotes, remembering that it is what you both want that matters.

Hire the professionals

We wouldn’t suggest asking somebody who isn’t a professional to do a professional job as you’ll never guarantee the end result. If you do have anybody that can help you – ask them. We all love a wedding and you’ll be surprised how many would love to help contribute for free, saving you valuable pennies!

Bargain buys

Nobody will know if your outfit, decorations or shoes are brand new or a second-hand find. Don’t be shy in taking a look around charity shops – you’ll be surprised what you may find.

Borrow a motor

Whilst hiring a car is a perfect way to arrive in style, if there is a stylish car in your circle of family or friends – then a quick wash and some fancy ribbon are a much cheaper way to arrive. Unless you plan to pull up whilst your guests are outside, it’s unlikely anyone will see it.

Go ‘all in’

Most venues where you can have the ceremony and reception with the food included are usually half the cost of going it alone and doing it entirely yourself. Plus it’ll be much less stressful!

Mid-week wedding

Much like booking your wedding out of season, not only will your venue be cheaper but many suppliers will be too and their availability will be easier.

Men’s suits

If you’re thinking about renting suits, consider buying instead. The cheapest rental we could find cost £120 per person. However smart suits can be found for much cheaper, especially when the sales are on. This means they get to keep the outfits too. Alternatively you could ask them to buy their own suits.

Bridesmaids outfits

If you buy their dresses, ask your bridesmaids to buy their own shoes and accessories. It gives them some say in their outfit and saves you money too. You’ll probably find they’ll be more than happy to contribute!

Control that guest list

Don’t go planning your wedding on a tight budget, yet invite 200 guests! Make sure you know each and every one of your guests. Don’t get drawn in to inviting more because people tell you to. It’s your day.

Seasonal flowers

Keep a look out for season bouquet designs if you are opting to choose real flowers. Talk to a range of florists who will be able to advise you on cheaper options. Consider artificial flowers, or perhaps origami flowers, which would be considerably cheaper and they’ll last forever!

Free bar versus no free bar

Don’t feel you have to have an open bar, this can often add quite an additional cost and often results in guests getting carried away when ordering drinks. Consider offering tokens to close family and friends and letting your remaining guests buy their own drinks.

Buy direct

You may wish to plan a trip to London’s jewellery quarter, where they can cut out the middleman and often make jewellery on site, meaning they can sell to you for a much better price than many high street jewellers.

Get insured!

Whilst a small additional cost, it is by far the most important. If one of your suppliers goes bust or your venue goes into administration, you may find yourself having to find spare cash to replace things, or worse, cancelling your wedding. Insurance is not as expensive as you might think – and worth every penny!